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Volunteering With Animal House Rescue

Volunteering with Animal House Rescue is a rewarding experience.  Our volunteers are the support system that helps increase awareness in the community, encourages adoptions, and brings our dogs out into the public eye.

In addition to direct volunteering with our dogs, we need volunteers to help work at our thrift shoppe, Wags To Riches, whose sole purpose is to help support the work of Animal House Rescue.

Qualifications & Requirements:

General Volunteers must be 18 years old or older

Youth Volunteers.  We are pleased to offer select volunteer opportunities for those under age 18, with the following requirements:

  • Youth Volunteers must have a parent/legal guardian or parent-approved adult with them to volunteer.
  • Youth Volunteers must have a parent or legal guardian sign the liability waiver.
  • Volunteers age 16 - 17 may participate in dog handling events.
  • Volunteers age 15 and under are permitted to volunteer at our thrift shoppe (select positions), bake sales, and fundraising events that do not involve dog-handling.

All Volunteers must review & sign our liability waiver annually.

Volunteer Training sessions are held once a month based on new volunteer sign ups

  • Volunteer Orientation is required of all volunteers
  • Volunteer Dog-Handling Training is required of volunteers and youth volunteers age 16-17 who wish to participate in dog-handling volunteer events.

What will be asked of you as a volunteer?

  1. Volunteering is a serious commitment. Please have the time and availability to commit.
  2. Attend required training session for your interests.
  3. Complete the Volunteer Questionnaire & Waiver accurately & honestly.
  4. Support AHR philosophies and policies inside and outside the rescue.
  5. Be honest with yourself and us concerning your needs, wishes, and availability.

What do you get in return?

  2. Opportunity to work in a highly recognized and well-respected animal rescue.
  3. Learn about animals through direct volunteer work.
  4. Choose from and experience a variety of job opportunities.
  5. Explore new career opportunities.
  6. A chance to develop new skills or polish old ones.
  7. Receive support and feedback from dedicated staff & volunteers.
  8. A chance to meet others who share your interests. 
What are the next steps?
  1. Click below to complete our volunteer questionnaire & waiver.
  2. After your information is reviewed, You will be extended an invite to join our closed Volunteers Facebook Group.  
    • We utilize this group to manage & communicate with our volunteers.
    • We will post volunteer opportunities that are in need of help. 
    • If you do not have a facebook account, please sign up for a free account at
  3. Once you have joined the facebook group you will be able to sign up for volunteer activities and training sessions.

Please click here to complete our volunteer questionnaire and liability waiver here

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