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While our adoption fees help, we really rely on additional donations to help us continue to care for dogs in need within our rescue.  Donations are needed on a regular basis in order for us to continue our mission every day.

Please consider sponsoring one of the dogs below with a recurring monthly donation to help us pay for the costs of care.  We spend an average of $96 per dog on vet care and the costs of keeping our rescue running average $112 per dog per month (excluding vet care).

Sponsor donations will recur each month through paypal and can be cancelled at any time through your own paypal account.

In addition to the paypal automatic contributions, donations can always be dropped off or mailed to:
Animal House Rescue, 114 S Sporting Hill Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Animal House Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit Dog Rescue and donations are tax-deductible!

Donations directly to our vet fund can be made paypable to Dr. Diane Ford, note "For Animal House Rescue" on the memo line and mail to: 
Dr. Diane Ford, PO Box 404, Cambelltown, PA 17010

In order to just cover our average costs per dog, each dog within our rescue needs anywhere from 5 sponsors at $25 per month to 12 sponsors at $10 per month.  We do not feature every dog within our rescue for sponsorship - we feature those dogs who are most likely to be with us for a longer time or those who we cannot make available for adoption immediately (medical needs being treated, puppies who need to stay with their mom, etc). 

All of our dogs with Petfinder profiles have a link to their petfinder page -- just click on the dog's name and their petfinder page will open in a new window. 

We have begun a new sponsorship program called GRACE - which stands for Giving Rescued Animals Care Eternally.  Our Grace Program Logo will be placed next to certain dogs who are top priority for sponsorship and special foster homes because they are special needs - they are older or ill - and will likely be with Animal House Rescue for a longer period of time, possibly even through their entire lives.

While all of our rescues need support, our Grace Program dogs need sponsors to help us offset the cost of their care throughout the time they are with us, which we expect to be significant.

In order to just cover the average cost per dog per month, each dog needs 5 to 12 sponsors.  Not all Animal House Rescue Dogs are listed on this page for sponsorship, only those that have been with us for a long time or have special needs.

Note that all dogs listed here for sponsorship are or will be available for adoption (some dogs will not be ready for adoption until their health issues are fully assessed).

General Monthly Donations -- 

General donations will go to the areas most in need -- cleaning supplies, food, vet care, etc.

Sponsorship Levels

Roxanne came to AHR in March 2015 from a local shelter. She was injured, most likely from being hit by a vehicle, and the shelter was looking for a rescue to take her. Her injuries are now healed and Roxanne is well on her way to becoming a great dog! 
Roxanne is believed to be a 1-2 yrs old Dutch Shepherd mix and weighing about 80 lbs. When she first entered AHR, she was frightened and withdrawn, however, with patience, love and some TLC, Roxanne has blossomed into a delightful, confident, friendly dog. She is regal, serious, and her main objective is to please ... anything that will make her human happy. Here at AHR, we start with teaching 'sit'. Roxanne quickly learned sit and when she meets her human, she immediately sits and goes between 'sit' and 'down' just to show-off and impress!

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Nellie came to AHR via a local shelter on April 3, 2012. She was an owner surrender and came with 10 puppies :( The puppies stayed at the shelter and AHR took Nellie. Nellie appeared to have either been used for breeding or had 'accidentally' had numerous litters. She is absolutely the sweetest, most affectionate, nicest girl to pass thru our doors. She has a ton of personality in that stout 60 lb body. 
(UPDATE) For those of you who are following Nellie's progress, here's the scoop .... Nellie can climb 6 ft fences. We found this out because we would see Nellie in yards we knew she was not 'cleared' for. As it turns out, Nellie can be with all dogs of all sizes just because she likes to visit the other dogs in the other yards. She just likes to socialize! We think Nellie would make an excellent therapy dog (she loves all people & all dogs). We believe she would also be great in pretty much any life style.

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Cheech came to AHR via a local PA shelter earlier in 2014 where he had been surrendered because the family was moving and Cheech was not invited to go along He is believed to be a Norwich terrier mix (with perhaps chihuahua). Cheech is about 8 yrs old, weighs about 12 lbs, and is all terrier! He does not automatically like everyone he meets .... one will have to earn his trust. Once the trust is ear
ned, he loooooves you to death His foster mom reports that it only took 1 day for him to warm to her .... oh, and we are told that he loves to sleep under the covers at night. 

Sponsor Cheech: 
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Miss Piggy & Kermit came to AHR in July 2014 as an owner surrender. We are told that they are Chihuahua mixes, 7-9 yrs old and weigh about 10-12 lbs. These two kids have been together their whole lives so we are reluctant to separate them. They are both as sweet as they come, altho Miss Piggy is the shy, introverted one so she is less demonstrative. According to the surrender agreemen
t, both dogs are great with young'uns! (Cats unknown).
We are happy to say that Miss Piggy has been adopted.  Kermit is still available and is still in need of sponsors.

Sponsor Kermit & Miss Piggy: 
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Zeus is a bounceback (return). He was returned by his previous caregiver because he was believed to be too protective of the family. Here at AHR, Zeus is a gentleman. We have had absolutely no issues with him except that he does not particularly enjoy being crated. Zeus' Birthday is believed to be around 2008.  He is not hyper like a lot of shepherds, gets along well with others (altho a bit on the reserved side), and has a serious nature.

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Indira (aka Indy) first came to AHR in May 2012 when she was less than a year old. She was immediately adopted to a family and eventually returned in March 2013 for biting. We found that Indy had been spoiled and allowed to rule. She had no direction or guidance therefore she determined the house rules.  It took us more than a year before we considered her ready for adoption again.
We now feel Indy is better prepared to move on to her new life and new family. This family, however, must understand the importance of providing leadership. They must understand the concept of a dog having to 'work for everything'. And this family must have a firm understanding of the dog pack hierarchy and why it is important. 
We have found Indy to be intelligent (part of her problem), witty, athletic and stubborn. She would be good for an active family and/or for someone interested in agility. She gets along well with other dogs but she will exploit the weak. Indy would not be a good first dog or a dog for a family with small children.  
We think Indy is a Cocker mix, about 3 yrs old and weighs about 20 lbs.

Sponsor Indira: 
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We believe Erica's birthdate to be in 2003 and think she is a Jack Russell Terrier (or mix).  She initially came to AHR as an owner surrender via a local PA shelter in January 2013.
Erica came to us with health issues which have since been corrected. Once Erica's physical health was 'fixed', we moved on to her mental health. Now remember, we at AHR are not 'professional' mental health care practitioners for the canine species, however, we have rehabilitated hundreds of dogs in the 15+ years we've been doing rescue. With that said, we believe Erica has a multiple personality disorder. Erica is many dogs in one! There is the sweet Erica, the nasty Erica, the comical and the serious ... there's the OCD and no OCD, the neurotic and the normal. All personalities are doable, and actually, they are all quite interesting once one understands and accepts her many-in-one idiosyncrasy. 

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Cherry came to AHR in March 2011. She was a scared, feral-type dog who was literally afraid of her own shadow. Initially, we considered Cherry to be unadoptable but in the years since her intake, she has made great strides. She now freely roams the building greeting any human she meets. She will jump into a lap, whether open or not, and ask for attention. She still is hesitant on allowing everyone to pick her up .... this we are working on. Cherry loves other dogs, and altho she gets along great with them all, the bigger ones tend to scare her until she 'knows' them. Cherry must go to a home with at least one (confident) dog and a fence is a must. Her new family must have an understanding or be willing to learn about shy dogs. AND they must have lots of patience. 
Cherry's Birthdate is estimated to be March 2009, she weighs about 12 lbs, and altho this is only a guess, we believe her to be a JRT mix.

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Ben is a male, 3 - 5 yr old Lhasa Apso. He was surrendered to a local PA shelter because he was getting snippy. He has been in his foster home since coming into AHR in March 2013 and his foster family reports that they have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Anyone who knows Lhasa's knows that there is something known as a Lhasa'tude. Even tho we have not seen it, does not mean it is not ther
e. That's just the way Lhasa's are. And since we do not want to set this guy up for future failure, he will not be available for adoption to anyone who does not have Lhasa experience.

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 Flipper came to us in September 2013.
He is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle, loooooves treats and may have a touch of possessiveness with his treats and food. He will need socialization, some basic training, and some good old fashioned TLC. Flipper is a pretty smart cookie, he knows how to scale a chain link fence and is quite good at it! Oh, and because Flipper has told us he does not like his sleep interrupted, we think it best that he not to go to a family with small children.

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 Ike came to us in May 2013 at approximately 2 years old.
This poor guy has trust issues and it's no wonder .... his history shows that he has been adopted and returned numerous times in his short life. AHR refuses to set this guy up for failure again. Ike is very intelligent
If you are not dog savvy (or willing to learn) this is not the dog for you. Ike is very treat motivate, he loves to 'work', and will do anything you ask of him. Ike is not warm & fuzzy - he is rough and tumble. He would do great with the active outdoorsy type family.

Sponsor Ike: 
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Items that we could use to have sponsored (we use a lot of this stuff!)

Vinegar - We use about 2 gallons per week.  Vinegar is an amazing product that no rescue should be without!  You can sponsor our needs for vinegar here:

Gallons of Vinegar

Bleach - We use 1 gallon per day to keep the place clean for our guests.  You can sponsor our needs for bleach:

Gallons of Bleach

Laundry Detergent - We use 1 large bottle every 4 days.  You can sponsor our needs for laundry detergent:

Laundry Detergent
If you are not able to do a recurring sponsorship, here are ONE-TIME DONATION options that are also available: 

Provide the cost of 1 spay for one dog - $95: 

Provide the cost of 1 neuter for one dog - $85: 

The cost of spay/neuter includes the actual procedure, aftercare, pain medication, as well as the overnight stay at our vet's office.

Provide the cost of vaccines for one dog - $20: