Animal House Rescue
Mechanicsburg, PA

Frequently Asked ?'s

Here are our frequently asked questions about adoptions and the rescue: 

What are your adoption fees?
Adoption fees vary by dog, but range from $100 to $450.  Please note that we receive no direct public funding.  Our rescue relies on adoption fees, fundraisers, donations, and our partner business (Animal House & Company) to cover operating costs.

I want to come in and meet the dog I am interested in - where can I go & when?

We ask all interested parties to please complete an adoption application prior to meeting any adoptable dog.  We want to ensure a good fit for you and the dog and this information can help us ensure that the right match is made.  This saves everyone a step and gives us a starting point. If our adoption coordinators have any questions concerning your answers, they will send you an e-mail or ask them during the initial phone call.  Many of our dogs are out in foster homes and this also allows us to arrange for the dog you are interested in to be onsite for a meeting.

What requirements do you have for adopters?
We understand that different rescues have various requirements.  We really only insist on 1 requirement for all of our adopters: We DO require that all other pets in your home are fixed (aka - spayed/neutered/altered).
We do NOT require an adopter to be a homeowner or have a fenced yard.  We will contact your landlord to ensure you have permission to have a dog.  

Other requirements would be determined on a dog-by-dog basis based upon our evaluation and the recommendations of staff, foster families, veterinarians and other professionals that may be involved with the dog -- for example, some dogs are not recommended for homes with small children or cats.

Will you adopt to families with children?
Children - even very young children - are not an automatic no.  However, we want to place a dog with the right family where that dog will be the best fit - in some cases, we would not recommend a particular dog for a family with young children.  Through the information on your adoption application, we can recommend dogs that would be suitable for your family so you and the dog have a positive adoption experience.

How long does it take to hear back once an application has been submitted?
After we receive a completed application, how long it takes depends upon how much interest there is in a particular dog as well as other factors.  Applications are reviewed on a best-fit basis.  We want to ensure a good fit for you and the dog.
An adoption coordinator will contact you, generally within a few days. During this contact the coordinator will try to determine whether your home would be a good match.
If it is determined your home would be a good match, You (& your family) will be invited to 'interview' with the dog(s) of your choice. Normally the paperwork and the adoption fee is completed at the 'interview' step. All that's left is for you to enjoy your new addition. 

Each dog has an adoption fee which includes:

HEALTH: All dogs will be altered (spay/neuter) receive basic vaccines. They will have received a veterinarian administered physical. Essentially, dogs will be fully vetted prior to adoption. We want the transition to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

BEHAVIOR: All dogs will receive a behavior assessment and will be started on manners & basic training. You will be made aware of the dog's assessment & progress during the initial phone conversation, when our Adoption Coordinator calls. 

CRATE TRAINING: All of our dogs, unless otherwise stated, are crate trained.

Are the dogs housebroken?
It is our opinion that even if a dog is 'potty trained' at our house, it does not make it 'potty trained' at yours. We encourage every adopter to treat a new dog like 'potty training' a puppy. Crate training gives both the dog & the new family a head start on this training.  Your schedule may not match that of the dog's current home and a change of home and schedule may disrupt current potty-trained habits.

I missed some details that I wanted to note on my application - what can I do?
Please email us at with your name, e-mail, dog applying for and include any information you would like to add.

I am having trouble with the Online Application - what do I do?
The use of our online application is not required.  Please email us at  and we'll send you an application

Where do your dogs come from?
The dogs available for adoption through Animal House Rescue come from different places - some are found as strays and have not been claimed and are turned over to us by area municipalities, we are networked with area shelters/rescues and when space permits will take in dogs from other shelters/rescues, we also accept owner surrenders.

I need to find a new home for my dog - can you help?
If you need to re-home your dog, please visit our Surrender Information page for more information.  Submission of an application is NOT a guarantee that your dog(s) will be accepted as surrenders into our rescue.

The following is an approximation, but it puts into perspective the costs that a rescue invests into saving a dog and keeping that dog healthy until it can be adopted.  

Our thanks to ARF - Adopt.Rescue.Foster for their permission to share this information: