Animal House Rescue
Mechanicsburg, PA

Online Online Adoption Application

We encourage all applicants to review our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on our adoption fees, adoption process, adoption requirements and more.
Click HERE to link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Online Adoption Application Form Instructions

Do not hit the enter button to move from one block to the next, or to try to create a new line within a block.  We realize that this means some answers may just be one very long paragraph, we promise it won't pose a problem reviewing your application.  
Hitting the Enter button will cause the application to be submitted.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, it is a constraint of our web host's programming for the form.

All questions are required.  If a particular question is not applicable to you, or you have no preference - please enter "N/A" or "No Preference"